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Andrea Lister

Owner of MyDACS - My Dog Agility Centre Pty Ltd

When I started with Agility some 9yrs ago I fell in love with that sport and the people and dogs in it. I soon started to dream about a place where we could meet and which would help more people to enjoy this sport with their dogs. In preparation for the centre I have trained and qualified as IMDT Dog Trainer. My Agility Skills got honed by Vickie Priestley. I am looking forward to welcoming you to our centre.

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Karon Halling

Karon initially started with us to help out with field hire.  Very quickly she became an indispensable part of our team and put her hand up for a number of different jobs. Along with her equally hard working daughter Kiara, they are largely responsible for keeping our grounds so tidy.

As an instructor, Karon’s willingness to look at each team as an individual and go the extra mile to help them makes her a great asset to our team.

Karon is owned and loved by 2 talented Labradors Tye and Cleo.  Tye is retired from agility now. Cleo is too young to compete yet, but they are already an impressive team on the field.

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Prue McLoynes

I have grown up with dogs my whole life and have had many breeds I love dogs and all they offer us. (Pretty sure it’s very one sided)

I got my first border collie with the intention of doing agility about 20 years ago and I am currently training and trialing my 4th agility dog. I have been an instructor at club level before both agility and obedience and I have had a wonderful time learning about this amazing sport that gives you a bond with your dog no one can take away. I am still learning every time we train and trial and love the special time away from the stresses of life and just out there doing our thing

I love passing on my passion for the sport and get a real kick out of watching my students faces light up when they achieve something they have been working so hard towards. We have a great community at MyDac and I throughly love being part of this team.

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Vickie Priestley

I started Agility in the year 2000 with 2 middle aged Border Collie dogs.  I was addicted pretty much immediately. There was so much to learn, so many new people to meet and so much fun to be had.  I spent many years training and competing very successfully with my own dogs before I started teaching.   As much as I love training dogs, training people added a whole new dimension to the sport for me.  Definitely one of the most inspiring and rewarding things I have ever done.  I stopped competing in Agility a few years ago when I started competing in Sheep Trials (if only there was time to do both). 

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Alyssa Ablitt

Alyssa is a welcome addition to our Team and brings many years of experience with her.  Alyssa will be running Skill Specific Workshops as well as teaching some of our Friday night Novice Classes.

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Heather Addie

Heather teaches classes on a Friday morning at MyDac

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Tracey Lindsay

Tracey has been involved in Dog Sports & training since she purchased her first Border Collie pup in 2010.  She has been involved in competitive Obedience, Agility & is currently training & competing in 3 Sheep Trialling with her pack of Border Collies.

She loves helping handlers break things down in training to solve a problem but gets the most excited when she is helping people with puppies & helping them build a great foundation which sets them up for life.

Calling all Trainers!

We are always looking to add quality instructors to our team. If you would like to become a MyDAC instructor, please contact Andrea via email to office@mydacs.com.au with a small CV of your experience

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